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Project - KOJAIN Park


Q1: What is KOJAIN Park?

A: KOJAIN Park (KP) is a project initiated by BODs of KOJAIN. KP will be developed on a land bought by Kutchi Jain Foundation (KJF) in Dombivli, India

Q2: What is the exact location of KP?

A: The proposed KOJAIN Park will be in Navneet Nagar section of Dombivli, Bombay. (Note: On October 1, 1983, Dombivli municipal council merged with that of neighboring Kalyan, forming a new governing body, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC). The main office of KDMC is located in Kalyan. (Thane District.) A bus route from Dombivli station to Navneet Nagar has been operating for some time.

Q3: How much is land & who owns it?

A: The Navneet Nagar land (about 7 acres) was acquired by KJF six (6) years ago. The KJF is a charitable Trust registered according to Indian registration act. The KJF Head office is located at 18/A, Krishna Nivas, Scheme No 6, Road No 1, Sion, Mumbai 400022. The KJF is run by a 12 member trust board & a small staff of four persons.

Q4: How many families will be rehabilitated in KP?

A: The proposed KOJAIN Park, if approved by BOD, will rehabilitate about 250 families in seven wings. About ten (10) rooms with modern facilities at a nominal cost will be available for KOJAIN members visiting India. Preference will be given to the Life members of KOJAIN.

Q5: Why doesn’t the Kachchhi community from India help them?

A: The task is enormous. Five years ago a total of 4,000 families were identified by KJF who needed the help to be rehabilitated. The list is updated every year since then. There are already 1200 Kachchhi families rehabilitated by KJF since the last three years. 900 families are living in Navneet Nagar, Dombivli (Central Railway) and the rest are in other areas like Nallasopara (Western Railway), Thane etc… About additional 800 families will be rehabilitated in the next two (2) years.

Q6: What is the total cost of KP? How it will be collected?

A: At this time, estimated cost by KJF for construction is $1,500,000. The land is already purchased by KJF. The KOJAIN will attempt to collect the entire amount through donations to have the name of the seven (7) building complex as “KOJAIN PARK”. The following plan is being proposed to recognize the donors.
There will be four types of nameplates 1) Individual/Family nameplate on each Studio Room (330 Sq. Ft.): $7,000 2) Individual/Family nameplate on each Larger Room (550 Sq. Ft.): $12,000 3) Each of seven Wing/Building: $150,000 4) Grand sponsor at the entrance of KP: a minimum of $500,000.

Q7: What is the objective of KOJAIN Park?

A: The objective of KOJAIN Park (KP) is to give us an opportunity to help our unfortunate community brothers/sisters by uplifting them from living in slum-like areas. The KP goal is not to distribute the wealth and make them dependent on our assistance, but to get them out of dead-end living conditions.

Q8: Can I donate $1,000?

A: Yes. Any amount in multiple of $500 is accepted. You will not have naming rights on the room.

Q9: Can I become a participating volunteer in other ways?

A: Yes. As described in the objectives of KP, you can teach life skills to the families living in the KP. It can be taught by staying at KP for a few weeks/months. You can approach and get the pledges from your relatives, friends, neighbors and/or KOJAIN community members in North America to donate generously for this humanitarian cause.

Q10: Do donation go directly to the community families? Will it be treated as a loan?

A: No. The payment of owning an apartment is affordable by subsidizing the cost of construction.

Q11: What is the duration of this project?

A: The total time to build the KP is five (5) years. Donors have three years to pay.

Q12: How will KOJAIN monitor the progress of the project and ensure its implementation as per MOU.

A: KOJAIN appointed committee will monitor the project progress and update the KOJAIN BOD from time to time. The committee will include Vijay Chheda KOJAIN PP and Anil Shah, current KOJAIN VP who are also KJF trustees. Vijaybhai’s donation has created maintenance fund of the buildings and Anilbhai has sponsored MRCC Park in another KJF project.

Q13: What is the liability of KOJAIN? What if we can’t collect $1,500,000?

A: After BOD approves the KP project, we have three years to collect the amount. If we can’t collect the entire amount then KJF has liberty to give any other name to the park. Other than the name on the park, individual donor’s naming rights on a wing/building or rooms will be honored by KJF.

Q14: Will BOD appoint a committee to study and evaluate the KP Project in detail?

A: Yes. BOD will appoint an ad hoc KP exploratory committee, chosen from senior KOJAIN life members, with the following tasks:

  • Get necessary documents from Kutchi Jain Foundation (KJF) required by US regulation to be kept for our record.
  • Obtain any other pertinent information necessary to safeguard the interest of KOJAIN in executing KP project.
  • Develop a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that is agreeable to both KJF & KOJAIN?
  • Explore the possibility if the necessary funding can be collected from KOJAIN community.
  • Evaluate all of the above information and recommend the course of action, including if KP project should be scaled down or up, to be taken by the KOJAIN BOD.