2013 KOJAIN Directory available soon

2013 KOJAIN Directory will be mailed to all current Life Members in KOJAIN's Database by the end of February. 'Current Paid Members List' is on the website Home page.
Additional directories will be available only until the supply lasts as only limited number of copies are printed. Additional directories can be ceceived by sending $ 60 check payable to 'KOJAIN'.   Contact Nitul Haria at nitulharia@gmail.com '* (Asterisk)' at the end of name in the 2013 Directory indicates, KOJAIN did not receive updated information directly from the member. Information was unverified and was included from the previous directory or other sources. 
KOJAIN thanks whole heartedly all the advertisers, sponsors and community at large for their support, cooperation and patience.
KOJAIN Directory Committee apologizes for the delay in getting in your hands as it was a huge task of compiling, formating and verifying data within the limited available time. We regret if this delay has caused any inconveneince to you.
Unintentional errors, incompleteness, mistakes, and/or omissions are deeply regretted.   
Michchhami Dukkadam!!! 
Enjoy using the Directory.

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MIS has been established to provide platform for an exchange of information between potential candidates to select life partner and provide a service to the KOJAIN community through the collection and distribution of information to candidates in a private and confidential manner.

Learn More about MIS...

In order to ensure that the Kachhhi community in North America and India receives the proper medical advice that is available, the Medical Information committee has created a source of communication between members of the medical profession and people with inquiries. Our goal is to make a comprehensive and easily accessible database of medical information and a list of medical professionals available to provide information.

Learn More about Medical Information Program...

KOJAIN Loan Program provides interest free financial assistance to needy persons in the community of Kachchhi Oswal Jains in North America, and seeks funds to provide this assistance. KOJAIN offers loans to students who are bright needy and pursuing graduate or undergraduate studies in North America.

Applications are invited all year along, The application form, rules and regulations and all the information about Loan Program can be downloaded at: Loan Program...
KOJAIN Youth Committee (KYC) represents youths of KOJAIN. Youth Committee consists of 11 youth directors, one from each region same as the regions of the Board of Directors of KOJAIN.

The Youth Committee directors have met more then four times this year on Yahoo Messenger and charted the course of action plan for the year. A trip to Kachchh India is under consideration by the youth committee in the time period of December 2003 January 2004 for the period of about two weeks.

Youth Committee...

A onetime KOJAIN Merit Scholarship is awarded each year to the KOJAIN students, residing in North America, graduating from High School and entering a college/university for higher studies in North America. Scholarships are awarded during 3rd Quarter of each year. Merit Scholarship Program provides recognition and encouragement to the high school graduating North American students.

All North America Kachchhi Oswal Jain community students, entering first-year college / university are eligible. KOJAIN membership of Parents must be current. Scholarship rules are described in the Scholarship Committee Program Details.

Scholarship Program...

KOJAIN has formed a host family network in North America, whereby Kachchhi Students coming from India for higher studies here can spend a few days and get themselves acclimatized before joining their institution of higher learning and also feel connected with the Kachchhi community here. This also should go a long way in helping them overcome their homesickness that some of them experience here.

The host families may also host Kachchhi Youths born and/or raised in the U.S., who are visiting other states for college search, job hunting or even for recreational purposes and desiring room and board on a very temporary basis (2 to 3 days).

Host Families...